We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.

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Werbetassen mit passender Verpackung

The package is one important part of products especially of promotional items. That’s why we’re offering
you different styles of packaging. You can choose the materials, finishing techniques, shapes and colour.
Also additional services are available, like flyer or labels.
For exact functional analyse and for helping you to choose the right option please contact us.

Single packaging with viewing window

These’re some examples of individual finished single packaging with viewing window.

Einzelverpackung mit klassischem Sichtfenster

classic viewing window

Einzelverpackung mit speziellem Sichtfenster

special viewing window

Einzelverpackung mit großem Sichtfenster

big viewing window

Einzelverpackung mit Ecksichtfenster

corner viewing window


gift packaging

Packaging without viewing window

There’re some examples of individual finished packaging without viewing window.

Einzelverpackung ohne Sichtfenster in weiß, klein

single packaging, white, small

Einzelverpackung ohne Sichtfenster in weiß, groß

single packaging, white, big

Einzelverpackung ohne Sichtfenster in braun, klein

single packaging, brown, small

6er Karton in braun

6pc packaging, brown