We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.


Promotional mugs with color of sun print

Beside the classic high-temperature-colours we print our colour-of-sun-palett. These are high-tech-colours, which convince through an unsurpassable colour experience. These pure organic colours are lead-, cadmium-, formaldehyde- and phtalates-free. Furthermore, they are heavy-metall-free according to the norm DIN EN 71-3.

"We print emotions.“

With colour of sun, every colour is guaranteed absolute exact according to pantone- or HKS-colours-system. Moreover, this technology may use on diverse materials because the slight firing temperature. But these slight temperatures don’t lead to a fusion with the glaze and thus not to an unlimited durability of the prints (reliability regarding to dishwasher).

Furthermore, we use special colours and –techniques, which realize following special prints:

metallic these special colours are available as full-colour-hue
(like gold, silver) or with light reflection
black light a light (fluorescent) colour is used, which shows her intensity with black light
neon these are light-intensive, striking special colours
glitter this colour has small refractive particles, which cause the precious glitter effect
flipflop that means effect pigments, which change appearance through change incidence of light and trough the moving of the object (seems like a kind of progression-colour)

All special prints may printed partially or all-over, besides they are combinable among each other and available in many colours.