We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.


Promotional Mugs with print

We print exclusively with high quality silkscreen process. This creates a ceramic print image (decor), which get placed on the products with traditional handwork (decoration).

"We only print quality."

With our know-how we can print with this process on almost every part of the products. For better understanding look on the illustration of our standard decoration possibilities with relevant details. Also different materials aren’t problems for us, besides porcelain we finish glass, wood, plastic, different metals and much more.

Tassendruck Farben

Different kinds of printing methods are onglaze, inglaze und colour of sun. The right technique choosing depends on your goals, in combination with the different benefits of the printing methods.

Printing Process (Onglaze & Inglaze)

Werbetassen mit Druck, Dekoration