We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.


Data Transfer to your promotional mugs

File formats:

To guarantee the best print quality, we ask you to create your print data in vector programs (preferably Adobe Illustrator [formats: eps, ai, svg]).
Please pay attention that all parts of the graphic especially the font is correctly converted into vectors.
Raster graphics should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (high-detailed images with 500-600 dpi). File formats are preferably PSD or TIFF - if possible no JPG / JPEG, because this data format summarizes similar pixels. As a result you may lose details of the picture.


Let us know the correct value of each colour. We preferably use Pantone and HKS.
If possible, include the correct colour values in the data.

Data transfer:

Send the data in a print-optimized PDF format via e-mail to your respective contacts. You also can send us the native files of your graphic.