We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.


Promotional Mugs with onglaze print

The classical grafting is the application of a ceramic print image (decor) through traditional handwork. This treatment is well-tried and convinced with his enormous durability.

"We print know-how."

For the onglaze-decoration colours are used, which fired at 750 to 950 degree. This leads to a slight fusing of the print image and porcelain glaze. Onglaze print ensures dishwasher-safety and scratch-resistance.

Furthermore, we use special colours and –techniques, which realize following special prints:

matt the colours are influenced so that no shiny surface accrues, which is besides writable
matt haptic for this variety is used a further process-step, whereby enhanced the not shiny surface even more
metallic these special colours are available as full-colour-hue (like gold, silver) or with light reflection
blackboard it looks like a blackboard and is writable
relief through a further print-shift parts may haptic highlighted, leads to a kind of 3D-view

All special prints may printed partially or all-over, besides they are combinable among each other and available in many colours.