We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.


Promotional Mugs with print, engraving, …

Our finishing techniques are versatile and they guarantee high quality. Though our innovative work we’re constantly developing them and accorded to your wishes. You decide and we finish your individual product as you like it.

Main finishing techniques

are Print, Engraving, Colour Splash, Mould Making, Handcraft Painting and a lot more special finishing techniques. Each technique is useable in different variations and you can combine them in different ways. This empire of variations makes the finishing process very multifaceted. There are a lot of possibilities of creative sensational products.

external goods

If you have already products you like to finish? So it’s no problem, you just send us them and let us know what your wishes are about. Choose between the finishing techniques, maybe combine, etc. – we definitely help you. More information you’ll receive in personal talk with us.

unterschiedliche Herstellungstechniken - Druck, Gravur, Einfärben, Formenbau, Handbemalung