We manufacture premium porcelain-, glass & promotional products.


Promotional Mugs with inglaze color splash

For the inglaze-colour-splash colours are used, which fired at 1000 to 1400 degree. This leads to a complete fusing of the print image and porcelain glaze. Inglaze print ensures the highest possible dishwasher-safety and scratch-resistance.

"We colour reliability."

The process of fusion and the reaction of glaze and colour lead to changing of the colour. Thereby, not all colours can illustrate, which are known of various colour-sytems (Pantone, HKS). An alternative to affect the exact colour (100%) is the grafting with colour of sun.

Furthermore, we use special colours and –techniques,
which realize following special prints:

matt the colours are influenced so that no shiny surface accrues, which is besides writable
matt haptic for this variety is used a further process-
step, whereby enhanced the not shiny surface even more
blackboard it looks like a blackboard and is writable

All colourings can be used on different parts of the products, you can combine this technique with others and of cause there are many colours to choose.